Natlie Kulina, violin

Violinist Natálie Kulina mainly focuses on new music and interdisciplinary arts. Coming from the culturally abundant region of South Moravia in the Czech Republic, she grew up fostering her love not only for music, but also visual arts, theatre and literature, all of which are prominent in her personal musical projects.

She divides her time between guest work in various contemporary music ensembles, working closely with composers, recording newly written works and project participation in film and theatre.

During her studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (with teachers Ilya Grubert, Eliot Lawson and Heleen Hulst) Natálie has also taken up jazz, improvisation and historical performance, all of which she continues to explore.

Other than performing, Natalie works in production, currently serving as a programmer for Echoes of Nothing in the Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ, alongside studying branding and researching and developing new forms and media of concert experiences best fit to the 21st century audience.